Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tax hikes raise ire of villagers

My response to the record article

To my fellow neighbors in SBG. I personally don’t complain usually on monetary issues due to the fact that G-D gave me enough wealth so I don’t really have to care (on a personal level) about a $500 bill. But, to my fellow neighbors who do seem to take an issue with that I would like to write some common sense that I believe we all have in common. After seeing all those rhetoric talk about the budget I sat down to the actual numbers to see all the line items that’s a complete double layer taxed item which means that without the village this extra expense wouldn’t exist, period. I am not looking at the budget but to actual year to date and projected year end
Village trustees                 $21,340
Mayor                                   59,000 This line item is all confusing look into it your self
Treasurer                            25,500
Village Clerk                       118,621
Attorney                              70,300
Engineer                              11,000
Elections                              1,095
Village hall                           34,105
Unallocated Insurance   28,097
Municipal Assoc. dues   1,773
MTA Payroll Tax                500
Village events                    9,500
Employee Benefits          19,719
Zoning                                  4,700
Planning                               15,970
Leaf pick up (that doesn’t really exist)    5,000
Those are all expenses that is certainly a double layer of tax since all these was included in our town budget and the village area didn’t cost them more in all those expenses and to prove you my point lets all ask a question why didn’t the town budget lowered since we incorporated this village (ex. the town supervisor and staff didn’t cost more before we were incorporated). The other expenses would also be significant lower . For instance we pay to the town $289,300 for what we never paid extra for that we spent on street maintenance 494,183 and on top of that for town 289k what for snow removal did it cost to the town that amount extra to plow our streets then why didn’t they lower the budget for snow removal.
That’s a total of $426,120 certainly double layer of tax. That’s about a half of the total budget and the budget for next year is even higher than that.
Now that we understand that, we must all ask 1 question to ourselves “Why?” what is the cause if the cause is to keep the hasidics away from our neighborhood and you are willing to pay a yearly due for it, fine. I have no issue with that. But keep in mind something else too. The Hasidic community are coming to our neighborhood either way and for them to take control over the village will happen much sooner that they would ever be able to do town wide. So, the way I look at it is that not only we made it easier for them getting an incorporated village we even pay a yearly due for that too. We cut our necks twice and we keep on doing that.